Green Machine Waterless Car Wash is the New Trend 

The word “waterless” used in the same sentence as “car wash” has caused many an eyebrow (and hair) to raise when first introduced in Namibia.  Let’s be honest, the thought of  your glossy new Beemer or Merc  “dry cleaned” when coated with Namibia’s dry dust and beetle guts, leaves one with visions of horror.

Yet, after every demonstration of this product, eyebrows and hair relax to their natural state and it’s time for jaws to drop in awe.

Customers and interested parties have quickly become accustomed to Green Machine Car Washes and big chiefs like Metje and Ziegler, AMH and Sunshine Tours have boarded the train to great water-savings and still providing excellent service by delivering shiny, waxed, and scratch-free vehicles to their clients after services. So SURPRISE! If your Merc, Jeep or Kia has been for a service recently, it has been cleaned by Green Machine products.

Right, now you’re wondering how it works.  Before you get your grey matter in a muddle, it’s actually very simple.

Green Machine’s wax consists mainly of Carnauba oil.  We import the raw wax from South America and, once in South Africa, we refine and dilute it to make it fully water-soluble and more suitable to use on vehicles. The waterless car wash system works by simply spraying on, wiping off and buffing to a shine. The product lifts the dirt from the vehicle by a process of emulsification; meaning that the spray breaks down the dirt into molecules, surrounds and coats the dirt molecules, lifting them off the surface.  Voila! No dirt toucha yo car no more!

Still need more pictures? Imagine the process as a Smartie, the coloured candy coating being the emulsification, i.e. the waterless product, and the chocolate centre being the dirt encased.

As the vehicle is sprayed with the wax, the grains of dirt are covered and the product creates a barrier where the waterless chemical touches the bodywork, not the dirt. Therefore, the dirt is actually coated in the product.  The other secret lays in the wipe-off technique and the special microfiber cloths used.

The products are 100% eco-friendly.  This means if you spill it on your plants, or if you accidently somehow decide to drink it (the tyre-glo product honestly resembles strawberry milkshake), neither the plants nor you will perish.  Drinking it is not recommended though, as it could leave a very bad taste in your mouth.  Drinking the wax is guaranteed to treat you to a little visit to the hospital.











The Green Machine team in action at the Pupkewitz Lifestyle Centre in Kleine Kuppe. (Photo: New Era)


Take note:  the ONLY water used on the vehicle is to rinse out the microfiber cloths!  So only approximately a liter of water is used to wash an entire car!

It has to be noted that very dirty cars with much mud and grime, after playing in the puddles on the weekend getaway to the farm, still have to be sprayed off.

By now you’re feeling you have to try it out.

Green Machine has three wash teams at Pupkewitz Lifestyle Centre, behind the Grove Mall.  Just look out for our cheerful guys in green overalls and white boots.  A car wash takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on how dirty.  Interior is approximately another 10-15 minutes.  Of course when you’re not in the mood to drive around and wait for a car wash there, we have a mobile team that comes to you!  Yup, sit in your cushy office or lounge while we do the work to get your car all sparkly and stuff.  No mess left behind.  Our pleasure.

But how do I get my hands on one of these nifty little numbers myself, you may ask?


The Green Machine kit is available to other entrepreneurs who would like to be economically and environmentally sustainable in their businesses.  


Business opportunities are available for ambitious entrepreneurs.  Machines can be purchased together with startup kits.  Do yourself a favour and visit our website page (, to read more about Green Machine products.  Our Facebook page ( contains some really cool amateur videos to show non-believers and sceptics the miraculous works of the product.

There is no question about the seriousness about Namibia’s water crisis.  Green Machine aims to change the mindset to commonly have a car washed with 30-90 liters of water, to a reality where cars are washed with 1-3 litres.  The systems are available for purchase by individuals, car dealers and the car wash industry. We are excited about the number of Namibians already on the journey to a greener world with Green Machine Namibia.



About the author:

ALAIN PIERRE JOUBERT, born and raised in Windhoek, is Managing Member of Green Machine Namibia.  After obtaining his Senior Certificate at Windhoek High School, he studied Marketing Advertising through Unisa.  He was employed as Marketing and Sales Manager at Starlite Wholesale Prepaids, his family’s business for a number of years before taking the brave step into entrepreneurship in 2015.  Alain has great passion and vision for what he takes on.  He has an exceptional love for dogs and his Playstation 4.  Furthermore, Alain loves taking breaks into nature and to travel abroad.  Mark Twain’s quote, “the two most important days in your life is the day you were born, and the day you found out why,” is his favourite motto.  He believes that with hard work, persistence and a lot of help from God anything is possible.